Testing after induction hardening treatment

Biagini Tempra Metalli has through perseverance and experience in the industry become over time a leader in the field of induction hardening.

The vision that has always accompanied us, through years of results and satisfaction, is that of quality: quality which stands out from the early stages of the induction hardening process, thanks to the technology used and the continuous search for innovation, which has enabled us to make big steps forward. A customer who relies on Biagini Tempra Metalli ensures valuable advantages for themselves, such as speed of execution, the ability to run both small batches and job orders with the same results and absolute repeatability both for the details treated as well as on products made batch after batch, since we follow each step properly, from the induction hardening heat treatment to the laboratory controls and final testing, in order to meet your requests.

A further guarantee of Biagini Tempra Metalli is the fact of having, within the company, all the departments necessary to ensure a controlled, certified and quality product, subjected to the induction hardening process.

The company structure in this respect comprises - in addition to the various production departments, offices etc. - also a laboratory and a testing area to implement the necessary controls and issue certificates on the execution of the induction hardening treatment.

Testing, which supports the laboratory when conducting controls, in accordance with the production specifications and for the quality certification which the company has, is provided with:
- 4 Shears;
- 3 Magnetoscopes:

  • laboratory bench;
  • with automatic loading/unloading for sorting and large-scale checks;
  • for large size details able to magnetise up to 4 QI;

- 1 Giogo Magnetoscope;
- 2 Rockwell Durometers;
- 1 Automatic durometer EMCO-TEST M5C 300 G3;
- 1 Automatic durometer (Vickers/Rockwell) Qness Q150 A+;
- 2 Portable durometers;

In order to best use this equipment, we have specialised and highly qualified personnel; in particular, for the proper use of the magnetoscope, we use trained and licensed staff.

Quality excellence calls for each product to undergo the necessary checks before, during and after the induction hardening treatment, as well as in final testing. Our aim is to monitor the smooth running of the production process according to the standards required by our UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 quality system.

When we deliver the material entrusted to us we are thus able to provide the certificate of quality and conformity relating to the thermal treatment of induction hardening.

Biagini Tempra Metalli of Modena guarantees experience, professionalism and innovative results: contact us.


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