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Biagini Industries srl (in wich it evolved Biagini Tempra Metalli srl) is a company in Emilia specialising for over 30 years in the surface heat treatment of induction hardening for contract work; we are able to assure an induction hardening service for an extremely wide range of components in steel and cast iron.

Biagini Tempra Metalli is a leading company, equipped with the very latest generation of equipment and technological support of study and research, allowing us to fully exploit the potential of the equipment for induction hardening.

Our goal is to temper increasingly complex and high-performance components that so far it has not been possible to harden, or which undergo other treatments. We are not only content with the results achieved, but always tend to improve and go beyond our goals. The advantage of the induction hardening treatment is to achieve a high level of hardness on the surface of components in steel and/or cast iron with the possibility of an extended range in the depth of hardening, obtained thanks to our latest generation systems. Research, innovation and cutting-edge machinery, combined with a highly qualified and competent staff are the key to ensure the final result of an excellent product.

The extensive range of equipment, with different powers and interlocks able to cope with every processing requirement, and the technical quality achieved by our company provide the possibility to carry out the induction hardening process on varied geometries and sizes.

We can handle internal and/or external shapes, from hydraulic components with millimetre dimensions to details for the automotive and motorcycle industry, to undercarriage components for earthmoving equipment and industrial vehicles, oil seals, scraper rings of any size, linear bars up to 16 meters long, gears, crown gears, axles and wheels. We can carry out induction hardening treatment both on individual pieces in simple or complex shapes, as well as for high volumes of identical parts, with a precise degree of repeatability, able to ensure high quality and consistency in the treatment.

We work to customers designs and produce as required, with regard to the induction hardening treatment; we are also able to collaborate with engineering to propose solutions until today not requested, simply because they are considered unfeasible.

Why ask for induction hardening treatment?

Today, induction hardening is essential for the subsequent use of the product. If in the past good treatment was limited to ensuring the longevity of hardened components, now that we find ourselves working with undersized parts our processing becomes critical to the efficiency of the part.

If previously engineering sized a piece before treatment and the treatment as such was needed to improve performance, now engineering analyses the type of treatment that can be used to then size the part subsequently: this means that wrong treatment today compromises the entire use of the component.

For induction hardening treatment, contact us! Our thirty years of experience in the industry, coupled with the continuous search for new technologies and innovative methods to be applied in induction hardening treatment, have enabled us to achieve optimum results in terms of quality and speed of delivery, positioning us as a leader in induction hardening treatment contract work.




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41100 Modena - Italy
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Induction hardening complex geometry profiles

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BIAGINI TEMPRA METALLI SRL - Via Porpora, 27-35 41122 Modena (Italy) - Tel: 059.281205 - P.IVA: 01594500363
BIAGINI INDUSTRIES SRL - Via Porpora, 31 41122 Modena (Italy) - Tel: 059.281205 - P.IVA: 03861000366
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