Induction hardening curved profiles

Biagini Industries srl (in wich it evolved Biagini Tempra Metalli srl) is a leading company, equipped with latest generation systems and technological support in both study and research, allowing us to maximise the potential of our equipment for induction hardening.

Our objective is to harden more and more complex and high-performance details, or components which until now were impossible to harden. We will not settle for the results we have achieved so far, we tend always to improve and go beyond our objectives.

Through the expertise of our engineers, the experience gained over the years and constant investment in the latest technology, we can process details with induction hardening which in the past it was not possible to harden and we have also brought to induction components which previously underwent other treatments.

Requesting induction hardening treatment for curved profiles can be the right solution because this type of heating offers many advantages, including improving resistance to wear, fatigue and torsion.

Machinery currently used includes 17 systems for high, medium and low frequency induction hardening, with power ranging from 100 kW to 1000 kW. With our systems, which combine varying frequencies with high power, we can use induction hardening to work any piece or shape. Having different machines allows us to meet any need, geometry and size.

Very important for the success of induction hardening treatment for curved profiles (and beyond), are the inductors. The combination with our modern induction hardening systems, where we have a very wide range, ensures maximum efficiency results of induction hardening even on curved and complex profiles, specially designed for our processing by our staff and/or highly qualified collaborators, supported also by specialised design practices. In this way, in addition to a reduction in costs and delivery times, we can guarantee high and precise repeatability of the process in time.

Always innovating: this is our creed and our strong point. For the induction hardening of curved profiles, contact us!

We will be able to recommend the best solution for your needs!


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