Metallographic laboratory for induction hardening treatment

Since 1985 the goal that led us to become leaders in the field of induction hardening, has been the pursuit of quality. We work not only standard components but also critical and/or safety components, so we are aware that it is essential to ensure maximum reliability in the finished product. To ensure this, we have cutting edge systems for induction hardening, and we employ highly specialised personnel, able to obtain the best result during treatment and also in the control phase.

Precisely in order to ensure a better quality of services offered, Biagini Tempra Metalli has installed an in-house metallographic laboratory which allows us to carry out analysis on samples treated in the furnaces department. We can thus quickly check the effectiveness of the process of induction hardening and compliance with the specifications required by customers.

Our laboratory is equipped with:
- 1 Microscope equipped with a digital camcorder;
- 1 Stereoscope;
- 2 Polishers;
- 1 Embedding machine;
- 1 Vickers Durometer

Today, for a company, safety has become a key point in the choice of materials, the choice of manufacturing processes and in verifying the reliability of the various components. Objects and structures that surround us must be designed to ensure lasting quality over time. This guarantee is ensured by technologically advanced systems and certified by Biagini Tempra Metalli in-house laboratory controls, applying both destructive and non-destructive inspection techniques.

We at Biagini Tempra Metalli implement induction hardening heat treatment only in optimum conditions: for this reason we initially carry out destructive controls to analyse the material and check the result of the induction hardening thermal treatment; later, once we reach the result, we can ensure the repeatability of the process of induction hardening without having to implement any further destructive controls.

Biagini Tempra Metalli of Modena guarantees experience, professionalism and innovative results. To obtain quality induction hardening treatment, please contact us.


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