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Biagini Industries srl (in wich it evolved Biagini Tempra Metalli srl) is a futuristic company specialising in contract induction hardening treatment.

Experience, research, innovation: these are the key words that make Biagini Tempra Metalli a leader in the induction hardening sector.

Experience: since 1985 we have been working in the field of heat treatment and more precisely contract work in induction hardening at low, medium and high frequency.
For over 30 years we have been involved in induction hardening of small medium and large size metal parts and bars up to 16 meters in length, whatever the characteristic geometry of the component.

Our business structure can rely on the long experience of our professional engineers and managers, who are always looking for new solutions to meet and anticipate the needs of our customers. This is our key strength, which we particularly invest in, together with the use of technologically advanced systems, enabling us today to count as one of the great leaders in our field.

Research: constant evolution has made us attentive to the latest technologies available on the market, allowing us to use the best technologies for induction hardening. We are convinced that a good job should always be accompanied by QUALITY WITHOUT COMPROMISE.

Our high quality processing is distinguished not only by the technological innovation we apply, but also for the ongoing research and specialisation of our qualified staff, because customer satisfaction is a prerequisite for the company.

Our induction hardening processes make us proud to represent a high level company from the Emilia region of Italy to the world, precisely because the end result comes from the characteristics and durability of the products used, as well as the quest for optimising maintenance costs.

Innovation: massive ongoing investments make this a technologically young and updated company, able to provide high quality products in ever more efficient timing. Not surprisingly, a key strength that distinguishes us in the induction hardening field is the ability to provide high-quality products in compliance with the deadlines required by the customer.

The presence of an in-house metallurgical laboratory also allows us to perform quick, accurate examinations on each product subjected to induction hardening, thus being able to quickly verify the effectiveness of the procedure.

Experience, Research and Innovation: these are the factors that have made possible the steady and rapid growth of the company over the years, enabling us to become a major player in the thermal treatment of induction hardening.

Biagini Industries srl (in wich it evolved Biagini Tempra Metalli srl), specialising in the field of induction hardening, is able to develop customised thermal processes designed to meet specific individual needs.


We are in Via Porpora, 27-35
41100 Modena - Italy
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Phone +39 059281205


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BIAGINI TEMPRA METALLI SRL - Via Porpora, 27-35 41122 Modena (Italy) - Tel: 059.281205 - P.IVA: 01594500363
BIAGINI INDUSTRIES SRL - Via Porpora, 31 41122 Modena (Italy) - Tel: 059.281205 - P.IVA: 03861000366
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