Induction hardening bars up to 16 meters

At Biagini Tempra Metalli it is also possible to use induction hardening for bars up to 16 metres in length, an unusual plus, as generally available machinery can usually handle bars only up to 12 metres.

The objectives of our company have always been to harden increasingly complex and high-performance details and components which until now it was not possible to harden. We have made great progress in this direction in recent years, and an example is precisely the use of the treatment of induction hardening for bars up to 16 m.

Experience, commitment to quality and investment in the very latest generation technologies are the ingredients that have allowed us to expand the range of the types of treatment available, to become key players in the field of induction hardening.

The wide range of equipment, maintained constantly at the forefront, and the technical quality we have achieved provide the ability to operate on varied geometries and sizes and to carry out the induction hardening process on bars up to 16 meters and on any component requested, in steel or cast iron, as on internal and external profiles and on complex geometries of every kind.

Machinery currently used includes 16 systems for high, medium and low frequency induction hardening, with power ranging from 100 kW to 1000 kW. The frequency range allows us to achieve hardening depths from 0.5 mm to 30 mm. The power instead gives the possibility of ranging from small to large size details.

We also develop inductors which assure the repeatability of the induction hardening process in time and thus guarantee constant performance over the entire batch treated.

Each stage in the process is followed by us with the utmost care: no detail is overlooked; our latest generation machinery ensures high quality, reliability, accuracy and speed in the delivery of the finished product. Our machinery also includes a 50 ton Galdabini automatic straightening machine, to straighten special cylindrical parts up to 1.5m in length.

Lastly, the presence of a laboratory with qualified staff and a testing area to offer customers not only certified quality products and processes, but also all-round metallurgical consulting.

Always innovating: this is our creed and our strong point. For the induction hardening of bars up to 16 metres in length, contact us! We will be able to recommend the best solution for your needs!


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