Ongoing innovation in induction hardening

Innovation has always been the secret of success for our company, which for more than 30 years (second generation) has been working in the field of heat treatment of steels and cast irons and today can be considered as one of the most important companies in the Emilia region of Italy in the specific field of induction hardening.

Our challenge is our key strength, continuous researching, developing the enormous technological and technical potential of the company to harden increasingly complex profiles with the greatest attention to deformation. All this has brought us to details that until today had never been induction hardened, bringing or retrieving to induction details from other processing methods.

But how?
Always showing interest in new products, investing in plant of the very latest generation and, above all, sustaining technology with the necessary study and research that help to make the very most out of induction hardening tools.

Our company builds and develops inductors, indispensable and crucial in the success of the induction heating process. These enable us to obtain, on the one hand, the high quality results demanded by the customer and, secondly, to implement innovative proposals that make us unique in the field of induction hardening.
We aim to always extend the range of the types of treatment: shapes, curved profiles, shallow or deep shapes, big or small details, large and small series. We work on the basis of the customer's project and as regards the induction hardening treatment, carry out the process as requested.

Biagini Industries srl (in wich it evolved Biagini Tempra Metalli srl) is able to collaborate with the design and development departments of our partners/customers, to put forward solutions today not requested because considered unfeasible.

Work in the field of induction hardening heat treatment has been going on in Biagini Industries srl (in wich it became Biagini Tempra Metalli srl) since 1985. Humbly, a step at a time, acquiring more and more experience and constantly investing in cutting-edge technology. We have experienced appreciable growth, allowing us to become a reliable key player, for our partners and customers, in the induction hardening sector in the areas of Bologna, Modena, Reggio Emilia, Mantua and throughout North Italy.

Thanks to the purchase of an automatic Galdabini straightening machine, a sandblaster for finished detailed parts and a boring machine, we have further expanded our capacity and our product proposals.

The sectors in which we operate are varied, from the automotive industry (including critical components), to hydraulics, earth moving equipment, agricultural machinery production and all machinery in general which requires special induction hardening treatments.

If you are looking for quality, excellent results, speed and guarantees to process your products with induction hardening, please contact Biagini Tempra Metalli: we will satisfy your requests to our very best.


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41100 Modena - Italy
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Ongoing innovation in induction hardening

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