Induction hardening complex profiles

At Biagini Tempra Metalli we can harden steel or cast iron components of any shape or size, we work with induction hardening even on complex profiles which in the past could not be treated using this process.

Today, the evolution of technology and engineering research have enabled us to make great progress in this direction, progress which we at Biagini Tempra Metalli have welcomed with enthusiasm.

Our goal, since we were fist started in 1985, has always been to satisfy customers and to find new solutions to meet their needs. In this way we aim to apply more and more complex and high-performance induction hardening treatments on details and extend the range of the types of treatment.

To achieve these objectives, and manage to treat even complex profiles with induction hardening, it was necessary not only to spend a lot of energy and passion, but also to invest in ongoing, cutting-edge technology, so that every customer can find the right solution from us for their production needs.

The benefits for customers who request induction hardening treatment by Biagini Tempra Metalli for their products are numerous: first, excellent quality of the finished product; then, accurate processing, timely delivery, work in progress and final certifications, high repeatability of the process and, finally, significant savings in time and money.

Machinery currently used includes 16 systems for high, medium and low frequency induction hardening, with power ranging from 100 kW to 1000 kW. With our systems, which combine varying frequencies with high power, we can use induction hardening to work any piece or shape. Having different machines allows us to meet any need and geometry and exploit induction hardening, also for complex profiles.

Very important for the success of induction hardening treatment for complex profiles, are the inductors. Our modern induction hardening systems allow power and frequency variation, enabling us to obtain optimal results of induction hardening even on complex profiles.

Our inductors are specially designed for our processing by our highly qualified staff, supported also by specialised design practices for inductors. In this way, in addition to a reduction of costs and delivery times, we can guarantee high and precise repeatability of the process in time.

Always innovating: this is our creed and our strong point. For the induction hardening of complex profiles, contact us! We will be able to recommend the best solution for your needs!


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