Quality and speed in induction hardening processing

We know just how important the time factor is: at Biagini Tempra Metalli in Modena, we are able to provide induction hardening of steel and cast iron components heat treatment on the most varied geometries and sizes in record time, while ensuring quality results and optimum costs. All the machines used feature extremely high precision and reliability.
Ongoing investments maintain Biagini Industries srl (in wich it evolved Biagini Tempra Metalli srl) technologically young and updated, capable of providing high-quality treatment with increasingly high-performance timing. Not surprisingly, a key point which distinguishes us and makes us unique in the induction hardening industry in the Bologna, Modena and Reggio Emilia area, is the ability to provide high-quality products in compliance with the deadlines required by the customer.

The vast experience of our engineers, who are constantly devoted to the study of new solutions, maintaining strong links with client designers, combined with our business organisation based on twenty four hours a day manufacturing, allows us to deliver pieces treated with induction hardening in record time. Speed and absolute product quality would not be possible if we did not invest heavily in researching new technologies. We have the latest generation of equipment which enables us to achieve the best results for any type of induction hardening.

We are at your disposal for any requirement and we guarantee rapid delivery times: for various clients-partners we often work when their companies are closed. In these cases, if for example the pieces to be treated come to us in the late afternoon, the next morning they return to the original company, hardened with the heat treatment of induction hardening in Modena during the night.

Our partners rely on us for:

  • experience
  • quality processing
  • cost optimisation
  • speed.

Biagini Tempra Metalli, in order to ensure a complete, all-round service to the customer and in compliance with current regulations, is equipped with an internal metallographic laboratory with advanced instruments and equipment, such as durometers, microscopes and magnetoscopes, etc. Our laboratory is continuously run by highly specialised personnel, capable of ensuring 100% product reliability.
Excellent quality is part of every production phase:
our inductors: whatever the required hardening profile, the geometry of the component in question, we can provide the induction hardening heat treatment, also ensuring absolute repeatability of treatments even after millions of pieces treated.

Our company Biagini Tempra Metalli is in Via Porpora 27-35 - 41122 Modena, just a few kilometres from the Modena Sud motorway exit and close to the Via Emilia.


We are in Via Porpora, 27-35
41100 Modena - Italy
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Phone +39 059281205


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Quality and speed in induction hardening processing




BIAGINI TEMPRA METALLI SRL - Via Porpora, 27-35 41122 Modena (Italy) - Tel: 059.281205 - P.IVA: 01594500363
BIAGINI INDUSTRIES SRL - Via Porpora, 31 41122 Modena (Italy) - Tel: 059.281205 - P.IVA: 03861000366
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